Kayak Marlow: Buckinghamshire’s Best Kept Paddling Secret?

All About Kayaking From Marlow

Are you looking for a paddling adventure that combines both nature and exercise that’s relatively close to London (and certainly not as far as Somerset or the Cumbrian Lake District).

If your answer is yes, then consider a Kayak Marlow Experience as this would be an ideal activity for you that is just outside of the M25 around 30 minutes down the M40 from the western side of Greater London.

We’ve got the full scoop on Kayaking in Marlow, Buckinghamshire’s best kept secret. Trust us, this picturesque town on the River Thames will have you itching to grab your paddle and hit the water!

Situated near the Marlow Bridge across the Thames River in Buckinghamshire, Marlow is one of the best places to Kayak in the UK and you can believe us, as we’ve kayaked here from Marlow dozens of times.

With its picturesque scenery, tranquil waters, and plenty of launch sites, Marlow offers a kayaking experience like no other in Buckinghamshire.

Kayaking the Thames at Marlow - A Breathtaking Experience

The Thames River is one of the most popular rivers for Kayaking in the UK, and Marlow is an ideal location from which to experience it.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced kayaker, you’ll love exploring the Thames at Marlow where the river flows gently through the town, offering breathtaking views of the village and surrounding countryside.

Marlow is a wonderful, eclectic, upmarket town and is an ideal base from which to Kayak Marlow and the surrounding Buckinghamshire countryside.

Kayak Marlow on the Thames River in Buckinghamshire in a group

Kayak Hire in Marlow - Get Your Equipment Here

If you don’t own your own kayak fear not as Marlow has a variety of spots where you can hire kayaks and other equipment, ensuring that you’re fully equipped for a day of paddling fun.

Some of the best places to rent kayaks in Marlow include the following.

  • Marlow Canoe Club: This local club offers kayak rentals to both members and non-members. With a wide range of kayaks to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect one for your adventure.
  • Longridge Activity Centre: Located just outside Marlow, Longridge offers a great selection of kayaks, canoes, and paddleboards for hire. Plus, their friendly staff are always on hand to give you tips and advice on the best routes to take. These guys are the experts at Group Kayaking in the area.
  • Moose Canoe & SUP Hire: From our headquarters at Bisham Abbey, Marlow, we offer a variety of river experiences, including canoe rental on the Thames, kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding (SUP), and even water bike hire. Proudly partnering with British Canoeing, we ensure top-quality service and equipment for your aquatic adventures. So, come and immerse yourself in the joys of river exploration with Moose Canoe, where fun and relaxation are guaranteed.

These places not only provide kayaks but also other equipment such as paddleboards and canoes. Some will rent out kayaks by the hour and some take groups on kayaking excursions here around Marlow.

With their knowledgeable staff and easy-to-use online booking systems, renting kayaks in Marlow has never been more convenient.

So, whether you’re a seasoned kayaker or a complete newbie, Marlow’s got you covered. With plenty of options for kayak hire, all you need to do is pick a location, grab your gear, and start paddling your way through this beautiful stretch of the Thames!

No Gear? Now Worries! Check out the KAYAK SHOP on our website.

Kayak Marlow Launch Sites - Great Spots to Kayak From In The Area

Wondering where to start your paddling adventure? Here are a few of our favourite launch sites for Kayaking in Marlow.

  • Higginson Park: With easy access to the river, it’s the perfect spot to begin your journey and the launch/landing point in Marlow that is the easiest place to kayak from. Just downstream of the Marlow Bridge, this is very easy to find. 
  • Marlow Lock: Launch from here and head upstream for a serene paddle through the countryside.
  • Temple Mill Island: This picturesque spot offers beautiful views and plenty of wildlife to spot along the way.

Best Places To Kayak Near Marlow - Explore the Outdoors in Marlow

Apart from Marlow, there are other great spots for kayaking near Marlow worth exploring. These places include:

  • Henley-on-Thames: Located just a few miles from Marlow, Henley-on-Thames is another popular spot for kayaking on the Thames River. With its stunning riverside setting and plenty of launch sites, Henley-on-Thames is a great place for kayaking enthusiasts.
  • Cookham: Cookham is a small village located just a few miles from Marlow. It offers a tranquil kayaking experience on the River Thames, with plenty of launch sites and stunning scenery.
  • Windsor: Located a short distance from Marlow, Windsor is another great spot for kayaking on the Thames River. With its historic castle and plenty of launch sites, Windsor is a popular destination for kayaking enthusiasts.

Paddle Boarding Marlow - Another Fun Activity to Try

Apart from kayaking, paddleboarding is another popular water sport to try in Marlow. Stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) is a great way to explore the river and take in the stunning scenery.

With the ease of renting SUP equipment, it’s never been easier to try this fun activity. See the above links from the most reputable operators offering Paddleboarding Hire in Marlow.

Canoeing in Marlow: A Family Affair?

Kayaking not your cup of tea? Give canoeing a try instead!

It’s an excellent option for families and larger groups looking to explore the water together. Most of the kayak rental shops also offer canoe hire, so you’ll have no trouble getting your hands on one.

Kayak Marlow near the Marlow Canal on the Thames River in Buckinghamshire

Kayak Marlow: Where To Park?

When heading out for a kayaking adventure in Marlow, it’s essential to know the best spots to park your car. Here are some convenient parking locations to consider:

  1. Higginson Park Car Park: Located right next to Higginson Park, this car park provides easy access to the river and is just a short walk from the town centre. It offers both short and long-term parking options.

  2. Court Garden Leisure Complex Car Park: Just a stone’s throw away from Higginson Park and the River Thames, this car park is another convenient option for those planning to kayak in Marlow.

  3. Marlow Railway Station Car Park: Situated near the train station, this car park is a good choice for those travelling by public transport. It’s just a short walk from the river and offers plenty of parking spaces of someone was meeting you in Marlow.

  4. Pound Lane Car Park: Located in the heart of Marlow, this car park offers easy access to both the town centre and the river. It has ample parking spaces and provides a convenient starting point for your kayaking adventure.

Kayak Marlow: A Paddler's Paradise on the Thames

We’ve been kayaking in Marlow more times than we can count, and it never gets old.

The Thames here offers everything from tranquil, tree-lined stretches to lively sections teeming with wildlife. It’s a paddler’s paradise, whether you’re experienced or just starting out.

Paddling pros won’t exactly get the adrenaline pumping on this stretch of serene water but believe us when we say you won’t regret kayaking, canoeing or paddleboarding here at Marlow in Buckinghamshire.

In conclusion, if you’re searching for the ultimate kayaking experience, look no further than Marlow.

With its stunning scenery, easy access to the River Thames, and a wealth of rental options, it just might be Buckinghamshire’s best kept paddling secret.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your paddle, and let’s hit the water here at Marlow! Thanks for reading.

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