Kayaking Exmouth | An Exe Estuary & Sea Kayaking Fun Guide

An Exmouth Kayaking Guide

Kayaking Exmouth offers a completely different adventure to Kayaking in Exeter just 5 miles or so up the River Exe.

Here, in the quaint town of Exmouth, where the River Exe meets the sea, the landscapes (or waterscapes as the case may be) are so varied that paddling on one side of the River Exe is completely different to paddling on the other side.

The sea kayaking opportunities from the mouth of the River Exe are likewise very different depending on the direction you decide to paddle, East or West?

With its breathtaking coastline and calm estuary waters, it’s no wonder we’ve fallen in love with kayaking Exmouth and we hope this brief guide will help you guys out also, should you find yourself down this way.

We hope you enjoy the read. Lets get paddling!

Kayaking Exmouth Beach in Devon in the summer

The Magic of Exmouth! Why Do We Enjoy Kayaking Here?

Situated in southern Devon, Exmouth has this undeniable charm that seeps into your soul that resonates from the echoes of a long history.

It’s the gateway to the Jurassic Coast which has some of the best Kayaking in the UK, and its people seem to carry the weight of the tales upon which the town was born.

But it’s the natural allure of Exmouth and surrounds that really steals the show.

Sandy beaches, wild cliffs, and tranquil waters set the stage for a kayaking adventure that is both thrilling and soothing at the same time – if that’s possible!.

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Kayaking Around Exmouth Marina

Well you can Kayak around the marina at Exmouth, I know because I’ve done it before.

It’s not overly interesting in the marina itself but is a good launch point (or was when we were there) and if you’re staying right in the middle of Exmouth you cannot get more central a place from which to start.

Also, this is only one of a few places where I’ve seen people doing SUP Yoga just like my experiences when
Kayaking in Dublin

Exmouth presents a rich array of kayaking and paddle boarding routes, ranging from the tranquil River Exe Estuary to the dramatic landscapes of the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site and extending all the way to Lyme Regis.

But whether you’re in search of an adrenaline rush or a peaceful day of paddling, the perfect spot to start from and launch is the Exmouth marina.

Kayaking Exmouth Marina on a sunny day in Devon

Kayaking on the Exe Estuary

Kayaking from Powderham Starcross, Cockwood & Dawlish Warren

Nothing quite matches the calm serenity of the River Exe Estuary in the early morning at high tide paddling from Powderham south to Dawlish Warren. 

We’ve paddled around these spots in the early mornings a few times, the mist hanging over the river as the world wakes up.

It’s peaceful, it’s quiet, and it’s an experience that brings you closer to nature and If you’re after something a bit less salty, then these calm estuary waters might be right up your alley.

Paddling around these points offers the opportunity to navigate narrow channels, pass by charming waterfront homes, and watch wildlife in their natural habitat.

Note please that the Exe Estuary holds international recognition as a crucial habitat for wildlife. It’s designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and also enjoys the status of a Special Protection Area (SPA).

So be both careful and respectful of your surroundings (as we know all GOOD kayakers are)! There are many local codes and regulations in this area that you should be aware of as a Kayaker or Paddle Boarder and you can visit THIS PAGE to find out more about these.

Exmouth Sea Kayaking Options

Exmouth Beach, Sandy Bay and Orcombe Point

For those yearning for a bit of ocean adventure, Exmouth Beach around to Sandy Bay is a kayaker’s dream.

Its high cliffs lend an air of mystique to the location, and we’ve often found ourselves lost in the splendid isolation it offers. 

Imagine the sensation of cutting through glassy waters, the stunning views taking your breath away with every paddle stroke.

We’re talking about ideal conditions here of course, and as we all know as kayakers, conditions aren’t always ideal sadly.

Nevertheless, here it feels as though you’ve stumbled upon a secret spot, untouched by the chaos of everyday life. It’s a perfect spot for a bit of sea kayaking and with its clear waters, on a nice sunny day, the area offers a window into the underwater world beneath your kayak.

Budleigh Salterton: Paddle Along a Heritage Coastline

Budleigh Salterton, a part of the magnificent Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site, offers a completely different kayaking experience. 

Here, we’ve witnessed the sunsets of a lifetime, their fiery hues reflected off the tranquil waters as we leisurely paddled along.

Budleigh Salterton provides a delightful mix of calm waters and vibrant coastal scenery. 

We’ve spent countless hours exploring the coast by Kayak here, taking in the natural beauty and soaking up the sun around here on our many trips to Devon.

Remember, it’s up to you to know the local rules and regulations for kayaking anywhere here in the UK.

For full details of licencing for kayaks and paddle boards in the UK read OUR COMPLETE WATERWAYS LICENCE GUIDE

Kayaking Exe Estuary in the morning from Starcross

Captivating Sights: What to See While Kayaking in Exeter

As you navigate the waterways around Exeter, prepare to be captivated by the scenic beauty that unfolds around you.

Glide along the canal, passing under charming stone bridges adorned with vibrant greenery.

Keep an eye out for graceful swans gracefully gliding alongside your kayak, and marvel at the reflections of historic buildings mirrored in the calm waters.

Paddling further afield, you can also venture into the picturesque Exe Estuary, where expansive views and diverse wildlife await your discovery.

Don’t worry we’ll put together another full article about Kayaking in Exmouth that will include loads more info on the below topic as well.

The Exe Estuary: A Kayaker’s Paradise

For those craving a more extensive kayaking expedition, the Exe Estuary presents an unrivaled paradise waiting to be explored.

Stretching along the coast, this expansive estuary offers an abundance of natural beauty and captivating scenery.

From sandy beaches and dramatic cliffs to secluded coves and serene marshlands, the Exe Estuary promises endless opportunities for adventure and discovery.

Exmouth’s Flora and Fauna: A Kayaker’s Delight

As we’ve glided along the waters of Exmouth, we’ve been accompanied by a variety of wildlife.

From playful otters to majestic swans, the region is a biodiversity hotspot that every nature-loving kayaker would appreciate. We’ve even spotted the odd seal about here.

There’s something incredibly rewarding about paddling quietly along and suddenly spotting an egret perched on the river bank, or watching a cormorant dive for its dinner in the River Exe.

Kayak Hire at Exmouth

Kayak Hire Exmouth | Who do we trust?

In our experience, Exe Adventures in Starcross and Exmouth Watersports in Exmouth itself are two top-notch kayak hire services here on the Exe Estuary and on the Exmouth beaches.

They offer everything from basic kayak or paddleboard rentals to guided group tours, all at reasonable prices. 

We’ve found their staff to be friendly, experienced, and incredibly passionate about sharing the wonders of Kayaking Exmouth.

Also the great guys around at Sea Kayak Exmouth based in Budleigh Salterton are well worth a visit if staying closer to that part of Devon and are the experts in Sea Kayaking in this part of the world.

The Charm of the Local Exmouth Community

One aspect of kayaking Exmouth that often goes unmentioned is the warm and inviting local community.

We’ve been fortunate to engage with locals who have shared insightful stories about Exmouth, its history, and its unique charm. 

These interactions have only enriched our kayaking experience in this quaint town.

The Culinary Aspect: Refueling After a Day on the Water

A day of kayaking works up quite an appetite, and Exmouth doesn’t disappoint. 

We’ve found that nothing beats a hearty meal at one of the local eateries. 

From fish and chips to warm scones with clotted cream, the local cuisine is as much a part of the Exmouth experience as the kayaking itself.

Our Personal Recommendations for Kayaking Exmouth

Like our Kayaking in Exeter experience it has been a while since we’ve kayaked here at Exmouth.

So please do make sure you check everything yourself before you head to down to Devon to paddle this amazing place.

From the numerous trips we’ve made, here are some of our personal recommendations. 

Start Kayaking Early in the Day

There’s something magical about the morning light on the water. Don’t rush. Take your time to appreciate the scenery and the wildlife.

And most importantly, remember that kayaking is as much about the journey as it is about the destination.

But as seasoned kayakers, we’ve come to understand that preparation is key. 

So, where should you start?

Kayaking Safety Precautions

Kayaking, as exhilarating as it is, can pose risks. 

Always check the weather forecast and tidal conditions before setting off. 

Wear suitable clothing and bring necessary equipment such as a life jacket, whistle, and headlamp. 

Remember, safety is paramount and is especially important when kayaking a tidal estuary like here at Exmouth.

Planning Your Exmouth Kayaking Route

In our experience, planning your route can significantly enhance your kayaking experience. 

By identifying landmarks and familiarising yourself with local features, you can focus on enjoying the journey rather than navigating.

or more information about Exmouth, visit the official Exmouth Website.

*Note: This article is intended as a guide. Always ensure proper safety measures are followed

Kayaking Exmouth atr Dawlish Marina

Our Personal Recommendations for Kayaking Exmouth

Well, there you have it. Exmouth offers a smorgasbord of experiences for every type of kayaker. 

Whether it’s the thrill of sea kayaking or the peaceful charm of river and estuary paddling, this enchanting town is a treasure trove waiting to be discovered. 

The diversity in landscapes, the abundance of wildlife, and the thrill of exploring new territories— it’s a heady mix that lures us back here to Kayak Exmouth time and again.

We hope that our experiences and tips inspire you to embark on your own adventure in Kayaking Exmouth. 

Thanks for reading and we’ll hopefully see you on the water!

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